How…or Why DLC Has Changed

DLC or DownLoadable Content, for you newer people, is a big part of a game. Especially if you enjoyed that game, you’re gonna want to play more of it. For companies, DLC is more like a transition into their following title…if they are planning one. While this is good and well, there have been quite a few alterations to how the content comes out. Unfortunately, it seems more like the changes are directed to a monetary system.

How DLC Has Changed

From “Inclusion” to “Expansion”

There was…WAS a time when your average run-of-the-mill downloadable content was a part of the game. The only catch for this was that you had to unlock it in some way, whether that was by finding things or collecting things. One way or another, you got to the extra stuff. Nowadays, everything(and I mean EVERYTHING) is an expansion from the original game content. Meaning, the companies added this to the original plans of the game.

Play-and-Play to Pay-and-Play

I enjoy the new DLC that comes out with games, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, but nowadays, it’s pay to win almost. From the ‘cryptokey’ of the most recent Call Of Dutys to the exclusive content for Premium members(looking at you EA) we are almost required to pay for more to play more. It wasn’t like that before. Some games are getting better with it(Rainbow Six Siege has free DLC but makes ‘free’ members wait longer for it) but overall, the pay-to-play style has taken over.

The Whole Package vs. Seasons

When games were new to the growing media, it was more than simple to have the extra goodies involved. They even all came into the mix at once. Now, we have Season Passes, much like an amusement park. This isn’t all bad, but more than likely, it’s required that you pay for it, which isn’t very fun.

So, we know how DLC changed, but why?

Why DLC Has Changed

 Change of Demand

While not everyone can agree with this, there has been a change in demand in terms of how people want their games. No longer do people typically want to grind to the thing they so desire, but would rather  pay a pretty penny for it. Such is the reason why so much DLC is paid for. Not saying that it’s better, but now it’s also a “game changer” rather than game addition. Overall, people wanted change, and got that change.

Monetary Functions

As far as I personally know, content changes due to what makes it easy for people. Not every person has the time to sit and grind for hours in order to get that new cape or that new gun. This is where the mutual feeling between companies and consumers meet: Microtransactions. These are paid for items, used to change the game for a person, whether it’s more of something or another item altogether. People love microtransactions and now they usually fuel games.

Game Fuel

As I had said before, sometimes DLC is the key to keeping a game running. If a game has great appeal, it usually may not worry about this, but over time, even good games lose funding. The additions of content makes it possible to run the functions long after the game comes out.

DownLoadable Content is a great way to integrate more into a game, but sometimes, it goes a bit far. However, gamers love it, so I can’t complain.


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