Is the Xbox One Still a Competitor?

As many have come to know, the Xbox One has been around for a few years now. From its humble beginnings as the Xbox 720 to even now with new versions coming out, I wonder if the original console is still in the running.

The Xbox 360

Prior to the Xbox One coming out, it was debunked as the 720, since the previous system was called the Xbox 360. This previous generation of Xbox was both the hate and love for many. With earlier versions getting the ‘red ring of death’ in about 60% of the consoles, revamps and adjustments were needed. This occurred all the way up to its slimmer, black model. I have had two versions of the 360, and both have lasted for quite a few years(the first black version and the slimmer white version). The console toward the end of its life contained a surplus of games that pleased even the youngest of the young and the oldest of the old. However, its rivalry with the Playstation 3 made it difficult to make new innovations for such an old system. Nonetheless, many loved the predecessor to the Xbox One.

The One

Now, fast forward to today, 2017. It’s been around four years and Microsoft has seen rise in sales for the Xbox system. Microsoft has tried failed implements, as well as new ones that people enjoy(backwards compatibility, recording, etc.) all while maintaining the system. Also, they have changed it in terms of storage space, as well as design, much like before. Time advances and so does technology, so it’s justifiable. The question, however, is whether or not the Xbox One is any different than the newer version.

The One 2.0

The Xbox One S(0r t0 me the One 2.0) came out recently, posing a threat to its previous model…or, has it? The newer Xbox One has continued the line of “slimmer is better” but for the most part, has been known for its 4K compatibility, video streaming, and 2TB capacity. While all this is well and good, many people haven’t made this jump(to 4K tv’s) yet. Not only that, but there are external hard drives that are 2TB plus. I have one(which I plan on reviewing at some point). To sum this up, the 2.0 has new features, but many of which don’t work out for a lot of people still.

Is It Worth It to Upgrade?

I for one enjoy the Xboxs, and for what it’s worth, the systems are an overtime investment worth your while. The systems are getting cheaper and now, can be bought for less than the price of a GoPro. I would recommend, however, the previous generation if you don’t have a 4K tv. Then again, the 2.0 isn’t much more expensive.

I bought the Xbox One 500GB Console with Gears of War, but there are other types to get. There are ‘build your own’ types and many others. However, if you’re an avid gamer you’d enjoy the Gears bundle. It’s a great way to transition from previous gen to next gen by giving you an old game that’s remastered. I enjoyed it.

So, bottom line, I feel that the Xbox One is still good.


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