5 Ways to Spice Up That Old Favorite Game(or to kill time

As the 2017 year extends out, we find ourselves waiting in anticipation for the next big blockbuster titles. Due to this, though, we often find that we play our favorite game(s) to pass the time, but what happens when these no longer interest us?

Before I list some things you can do, it’s probably better you know some reasons why it may bore you.

Also, I can’t guarantee that ANY of these things will work, but it’s always worth a try.

Why You’re Tired of the Same Old Thing

1. The time you’ve played it.

It’s more than likely that if a game is your favorite, you’ve put hundreds or even thousands of hours into that title. Whether it’s the ever so familiar Call of Duty series, or something more refined like Rocket League, this game has come a long way in your life.

 2. You’ve completed it. ALL of it.

For fans of franchises like Grand Theft Auto or Just Cause, these games have a selective way of completion. You can either just do the campaign, or you can go all the way to the 100% completion of the game. Nonetheless, this has made the game a bore since everything is said and done.

3. You beat every difficulty.

Most games nowadays give you several difficulties. From the ‘Easy’ to the ‘Insane,’ games have been made to change themselves to offer challenge to the game play. However, you as a game champion have gone through it several times across all difficulties and now you are back to square one.

Now, these aren’t ALL of the reasons, but they are the general big ones. So, how do you beat that boredom boss that’s in your life now?

4. Funds are low.

So, you want that next big game, yet to make sure you can afford it, you don’t indulge in the fine cuisine that is spending on games. You want to ensure that you have that deluxe edition, so you place yourself in the whims of your favorite game to console yourself until the release day.

How To Beat That Boss of Yours

1. Play the old ones.

As weird as it sounds, it would be a good idea to come back to what you knew before. It’s possible that, if you’ve been playing something for a while, it’s gotten stale within not only your mind, but your schedule as well. Although this may or may not be true, you may not be ready to jump to something entirely different. This is where the old games of the series come into play. If you happen have enjoyed Battlefield 1, for example, but now need a break, try the older games such as Battlefield 3 or Bad Company 2. Both are great substitutes yet still offer that battlefield nostalgia. This applies for every series. Let’s say, though, that you have a game that’s the only of its kind so far, just like Rocket league. Well then you may want to try #2.

2. Stay In Your Genre, But Try Another.

If you’ve fallen in love with a type of game, more than likely you’ve also fallen in love with the genre it exists in, yet in a subconscious way. You may not know it, but it can be a relief for life to just try this little step. Whether you’re an RPG player or a racer, if there’s a title you like, I bet that there are way more to tickle your fancy. If Need for Speed has run dry, try Forza Horizon. If Mortal Kombat’s been beat, try Street Fighter. Whatever it is you play, stride out and experience some of what else your favorite genre has to offer.

3. Take the Leap of Faith Into Another Genre.

Maybe you’re sick of the average racer or the average shooter. Maybe you just need to take five from it. No matter what the reason, you want to get away from the usual. Good. That’s why we have so many developers out there to make games for us to play. Simply put, go play another kind of game. You probably won’t like it at first or maybe it’ll just feel out of turn, but if it’s like anything else, it needs time. Enjoy the thrill of a shooter? Try a racing game. Like the platformers? Try a 3D game out. One way or another, changing the group of games you play may be great. Even if it’s just for a little while.

4. Change the game perspective.

#4 kind of rides off the back of #3(and #2), but, try out different game styles. Say you don’t wanna change the platforming aspect of game but don’t know what to do. Try changing to a 2D, 3D, or even old school pixel type like Super Mario.

5. Borrow or Buy Cheap.

As I said before, the next big thing is coming out. Whether that’s another Call of Duty or even the elusive Half Life 3, you want to make sure you get it when it comes out. However, funds may be tight because of it. You possibly have a jar devoted to that game, and don’t want to spend a penny for another. There are ways around it. For one, you can buy the older games of a series or just a lesser known game of the same genre for cheaper(sometimes for pennies and other times about $20). Since these games have lost the battle of time, they will have some issues. If you are willing to deal with them though, it’s worth it. You can also try to borrow a game from a friend. Maybe he bought a game you wanted and vice versa. Trade. That way, you both could possibly benefit from it.

That’s about it really. 5 ways to make that old favorite live again. They may not work, but they are fun to try.

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