What is the Purpose of Gamer’s Joy?

About the Author


My name is David Hazward. I am 16…at least when I’m writing this. I have been around games since I was about two years old. Whether it was a shooter, a racing game, or a platformer (yes, I played Mario Bros. and F-Zero. I enjoyed them to death.) my little hands were on the controller. I got my love for games by playing with my dad and once they came into the picture, my brothers. Given that I’ve been playing for roughly 14 years(I know, no life), I, as well as my family and close friends, have come across a lot of issues with the games. Many of these issues being what game to play, who to play with, and other things like that. Now, here I am with a blog devoted to games and how to make it better.

So Then What About Gamer’s Joy?

Um, well, at the end I mentioned that people have problems with the games they play. Often if not everyday really. I thought that this sort of thing should be countered. We always hear about the ‘best games to play’ or the ‘hottest tools of -insert year here-‘ but what I noticed is that there isn’t as much blogging or posts aimed at helping make the game/hobby more enjoyable for the gamer. With that, Gamer’s Joy came to be with the sole purpose of helping gamers.

Now, when I say this, there is a couple of different ways I plan to do it. The ideal way is to give useful tips, posts regarding co-op and team based things, as well as reviews of products and other things that may assist you. However, there’s a catch. Yes, I have been gaming for 14 years, but I won’t be able to give hardcore gamers much advice. This is because 1. They probably already know these things and 2. They most likely have high tier things. I want this blog to be for gamers that use it for day-to-day relief or leisure. I know I can’t exactly help Faze clan members but I can help people who like to just enjoy the game.

How? How? HOW?

Since trust and respect are two major things in life, those are what this blog will be based on. If I come to you with something, it’s because either I or somebody close to me has done or used it. For example, I wouldn’t tell you about a controller that I’ve never used, but saw online. That’s just bad for business. Gamer’s Joy is focused on making you, the Gamer happy with what you play. Unless I decided to make a change to my approach, this ultimately will be how things work here.

So, whether you play on a console like the Xbox, Wii, or Playstation or even if you’re a part of the ‘master race’ PC group, you’re welcome here. I’ll do my best to help you and whoever else out. Welcome to Gamer’s Joy.



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